Designing Product Packaging to fit Consumer Needs

Product packaging design has come a long way since the days when packaging was simply designed to hold a number of products together for easy transportation. Now, as much thought goes into the outer packaging design as the product design itself. For example, only a few years ago you would go to the shop and buy a dozen cans of drinks that came in a simple cardboard box. These days, you can choose canned drinks that come in ‘fridge packs’ that are designed to fit on a narrow fridge shelf with an easy-open perforated top to allow for quick access.

Designs such as these have taken product packaging to the next level – not only for convenience of transporting goods home, but to fit with consumer needs to provide an extra service and prolong its usefulness.

What product packaging manufacturers are now having to do is to create an end consumer profile for the product, and then design the right packaging to best serve their needs. So a company can actually have more than one very different set of packaging for their single product, depending on the end users needs and shopping habits.

This is just one example of how using innovative packaging design can increase the products appeal to its end users. Quantrelle are in a fortunate position to be able to work with marketers and designers to explore new and inventive packaging methods to improve consumer experience.

Having the ability to look beyond the basic function of packaging for more than just easy transportation, we like to develop packaging that enhances the customer experience, which can only help to boost sales and increase profits for you!

If you can provide a really positive customer experience, then they in turn will be more likely to repeat buy your product. This is why it is so important to look your customer profile and reverse engineer your product packaging.

Once you have your customer profile (or multiple profiles) in place, you can take a deeper look into what they want from their product packaging. Do they want a simple way to transport their goods home, and then unpack and discard the packaging? If so, do they want green-conscious packaging that is easily recyclable? Do they want packaging that continues to serve a purpose, such as the fridge pack design for canned drinks?

The questions you generate from looking closely at your customer profiles will help to guide your decision making about what product packaging you offer and where you place your packaged product for sale.

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