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We operate a high class, efficient product packaging service when re-packing goods at Quantrelle. We receive products, check lot codes and expiry dates, re-pack in the desired format onto White or Blue Chep pallets and deliver/await collection of the goods. Due to the extensive product packaging systems in place customers can see when the product arrives, an image of the finished pallet and confirm when it was delivered to store and when a POD is available.

Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell Packaging Services

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Clamshell Packaging Services: We use a Circular motion Rotary System to weld our card clams, blister packs, and clam pack. On certain sizes we can weld up to 650 clams per hour depending on complexity, we choose this particular machine due to low-cost tooling and setup, we apply a High-Frequency weld to the pack in order to seal.

Shrink Wrapping

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We use a Semi-Automatic L-Sealer at Quantrelle, it gives us the ability to Shrink-Wrap up to 500 packs per hour depending on workload, we use a eco-friendly cross weave material. This provides the pack with sustainability and durability in store.

Eco Pack

Eco Pack™ – Eco-friendly, Sustainable product packaging.

Quantrelle has always been an innovator of product packaging ideas and, in response to the recent concerns over the amount of plastic being used in product packaging, has developed an alternative method of sustainable packaging called the Eco Pack™.