Quantrelle’s Plastic Packaging

What plastic packaging options do Quantrelle offer?

Quantrelle offers a wide variety of packaging options, and numerous types of plastic packaging options.

These include:

With our range of plastic packaging solutions, we know we’ll find a suitable option for you.

What industries can use plastic packaging?

Plastic packaging can be used in the following industries, as well as many others:

Plastic packaging is a great option for all of these industries, as the packaging can come in various shapes, sizes and even colours. So whether you’re looking to package toys, medicines, make up, or electrical chargers, we can find the right plastic packaging for you. Whatever the product is, there is most likely a type of plastic packaging that is a good fit. Solids can obviously be packed in plastic packaging, but liquids, semi-solids, and even powders can also benefit from the use of plastic packaging.

What plastics are used in Quantrelle’s plastic packaging?

There are many types of plastics available but only some are commonly used for plastic packaging. We have found that while some plastics work well for some types of packaging, other types of plastic are more suited to other types of packaging. This is because every type of plastic has a different set of properties. However, we choose to use A-Pet or R-Pet materials, unless otherwise stated on our product descriptions. These two materials can be adapted to create the best type of plastic packaging for your product’s needs.

Shrink Wrapping plastic packaging options

What are the benefits of using plastic packaging?

Plastic packaging provides many benefits that other forms of packaging don’t provide.

For one, plastic packaging is highly adaptable, as various types of packaging can be created using the material.

We also use plastic packaging because:

Plastic packaging is durable

  • The safety and security provided by plastic packaging means that whatever product is, it is likely to be kept in tact. Depending on the type of plastic packaging, the plastic can also be difficult to tamper with and break through. This gives businesses the assurance that their product will reach retail shelves and a  customer’s hands in good condition.

Plastic packaging is lightweight

  • Lightweight packaging is especially beneficial for businesses that want to transport their products around the country or internationally. This is because companies can keep their costs down by having such a lightweight packaging solution. Being a light material, plastic packaging also uses less energy than heavier alternatives, as less fuel is used when transporting.

Plastic packaging offers design versatility

  • Having packaging that offers increased creative freedom is an undeniable benefit to many businesses. The versatility offered by plastic packaging means that the packaging can suit products of all different sizes. If a product is of a particularly unique shape, plastic packaging can still work well (such as with our shrink wrapping plastic packaging). The same cannot always be said for other materials.

Why use Quantrelle’s plastic packaging?

Not only do Quantrelle offer plastic packaging that is secure, sturdy, and sure to keep your product safe, our company also operates to extremely high standards. This means that when you receive a service from Quantrelle, you can trust that you’re getting great value for money. All of our plastic packaging options are designed with the customer in mind, and we work to fulfill the requirements that you have. Although we don’t think you’ll run into any problems when using the plastic packaging offered by us, our experienced team is always ready to help if you do.

Do you offer bespoke plastic packaging?

Yes! If you’re interested in a certain type of plastic packaging, Quantrelle can work with you to find your best plastic packaging solution. We understand that each product will have different requirements, which is why we try and provide plastic packaging options that are well suited for your specifications.

Isn’t plastic packaging bad for the environment?

Every material that can be used for packaging will have its own pros and cons. Quantrelle is very aware of the environmental impact we create, which is why we take steps to do better by the environment. We love that our customers care about being eco-conscious, and we do our best to show we care, too. Whilst still being plastic packaging, options like our Eco-Pack have the advantage of using 65% less plastic. We present this as a choice for our customers to use, and encourage them to consider their own environmental impact.

Unfortunately, there are some instances where using plastic packaging is pretty much unavoidable. This is because plastic packaging can provide the sturdiness and security that some other packaging options simply don’t provide.

How can I use Quantrelle’s plastic packaging?

If you’re looking for plastic packaging, make Quantrelle your go-to. Quantrelle offers high quality plastic packaging that you and your customers are sure to love. If you’re interested in the plastic packaging offered by Quantrelle, we encourage you to get in touch today. We have worked with many businesses to supply them with plastic packaging that uniquely suits their needs.

If you’re considering Quantrelle’s plastic packaging, email us at or give us a call on + 44 (0) 208 804 3222. Alternatively, you can contact us through our online form here. A friendly member of the Quantrelle team would be happy to speak with you.

Clam Packs by Quantrelle

What are Clam Packs?

Clam packs resembles a clam, in that the packaging is formed by two main parts which are hinged together. Opening the clam pack allows access to the product inside of it, and often the pack can be resealed or reusable. With a clam pack, a product is placed between the two tight plastic moulds, which are typically transparent. This type of packaging has become commonplace, and it is likely that at one time or another you have purchased an item which uses a clam pack.

Clam Pack Creation

Quantrelle uses a circular motion rotary system to create clam packs. We are able to seal a clam pack by using a high-frequency weld, which then keeps a product secure. We work as efficiently as possible, and with our rotary system we can weld up to 650 clam packs an hour (depending on clam pack complexity and size).

Clam Pack Uses

The clam pack can be used to protect and package a number of different products, ranging from electronics to cosmetics. Even items which may traditionally use other types of packaging may benefit from switching to clam packaging. This is because clam packs can be both custom moulded (such as for hardware tools or toys) or used to hold lots of small pieces together (such as for paper clips or screws).

Clam Pack Benefits

1.Security of a Clam Pack

A clam pack is a sure way to keep your product safe. Clam packs are traditionally known for keeping products protected, meaning that you don’t have to worry about damage to your product, or the possibility of it separating from its packaging. Any packaging solution should keep a product safe, and Quantrelle’s clam pack certainly does this. Consumers also have the advantage of being able to look at a product without actually touching or damaging the contents inside of a clam pack.

Clam packs are also useful when considering additional security measures, such as hard tags. Hard tags attach to a clam pack and act as a visual deterrent from theft. Although the tag can be easily applied to a clam pack, it requires removal by a shop assistant at checkout. If the tag is not removed, it will cause the shop’s alarm system to sound

2. Quantrelle’s Eco-Pack Clam Pack

We should all be seeking to become more environmentally conscious, and fortunately our Eco-Pack clam pack helps with this. With an increasing awareness surrounding plastic pollution, manufacturers and businesses are being forced to think of more sustainable ways to package products. Quantrelle’s Eco-Pack is a great alternative packaging solution. This special type of clam pack reduces the amount of plastic used in packaging by up to 65% (when compared to a plastic clam pack of equivalent size). Quantrelle acknowledges the move to greener solutions and we fully support our customers in considering the Eco-Pack clam pack.

3. Branding and Use of Space with a Clam Pack

The clam pack provides ample space for marketing messages and opportunities to increase brand awareness. Although a clam pack allows consumers to clearly see a product, the packaging can also be adapted to create a different visual display. This can be done with the help of an insert card that acts as an attractive and informative addition to a clam pack. At the same time, the clam pack is a good option for those who want to efficiently use space and not create too much waste with extra unnecessary material. This is because a clam pack is created by effectively sealing a product in by a plastic mould. The mould can fit to the size of your product, so you don’t have to use more packaging than needed.

4. Versatility of Clam Packs

Deciding to use a clam pack is a great option for those looking for a highly versatile packaging solution. Clam packs can vary in size, meaning that the packaging type is not restricted to only particularly large or particularly small items. The clam pack can suit a number of different products, and Quantrelle is also confident in creating bespoke clam packs for companies. Furthermore, a clam pack offers different storage solutions. The pack is effective whether you would like to stack a product on a shelf, or have it hanging on a peg. For the latter, a hanging hole can be designed in the packaging, where the puncture will allow the packaging to hang with ease whilst still remaining sturdy.

Choosing Quantrelle Clam Packs

Quantrelle have been creating clam packs for many years, so we know the variety of different products that may benefit from a clam pack. This allows us to easily find the right clam pack solution for you. As the packaging can be created to suit a variety of specifications, a clam pack could be the perfect packaging that you might not have even considered before. Quantrelle is consistently creating innovative packaging solutions, such as with our Eco-Pack in response to environmental concern. Examples such as this, demonstrates Quantrelle’s commitment to creating the best clam packs possible. Our company always work to produce quality clam packs and other packaging services.

If you’re convinced that a clam pack is for you, contact Quantrelle today. We’d love to hear from you.

Product Packaging: How Quantrelle Help

There are many reasons why finding the perfect product packaging is important. As experts in this area, we understand why packaging matters to both businesses and consumers, and are happy to share how your packaging needs can be met.

Why Product Packaging is Important

1. Packaging Keeps Products Safe

First and foremost, packaging should keep a product safe. No one wants to buy a damaged item, and customers may lose faith in a company if they find a product damaged due to poor packaging. That’s why we ensure that our packaging is suitable for your specific product and is able to keep it safe and secure. There is a long process from product manufacture, to distribution, to purchase. Our packaging makes sure that through transit, a product remains in top condition. With our durable packaging solutions and options, you can also rest assured that the packaging itself remains intact.

2. Packaging Attracts Consumers to Products

Attracting consumers to your product is one of the first steps in helping your business increase sales. Customers see packaging before a product, meaning your packaging is the first opportunity to create a great impression. Quantrelle consistently come up with innovative and creative packaging ideas. We aim to make your product look aesthetically pleasing and well-designed, as we know that packaging is a way of marketing to consumers and undoubtedly influences purchasing decisions. The way a product is packaged says a lot about a company and its product, and aestheticly, visually-appealing packaging will pique the interest of your target market.

Shelf impact is an additional consideration when deciding on packaging.

  • Is your product is stackable?
  • Where and how will your product be displayed?
  • How much of a product and its packaging will a consumer see?

We help businesses think about how their product will look in shops and how to make the most of the shelf space they have. Having a product that looks good on a shop shelf is an important step in getting potential customers to pay attention to your product.

3. Packaging Increases Brand Recognition

Every business wants customers to be able to easily recognise their brand, and packaging can certainly help with this. Good packaging represents your brand and product in the best possible way. Effective packaging should create an impact that draws people to not only the product itself, but the brand that has created it.

4. Packaging is Practical for Products

Having practical and functional packaging is crucial. Here at Quantrelle, we make sure to consider your products individually, so that you have packaging that not only looks attractive to customers, but it also useful for them too. Packaging provides practicality in the convenience of transporting goods- not only from warehouses to store shelves, but also from store shelves to a consumer’s home. Having packaging that recognises a consumer’s needs is an extra service to your customers.

What Quantrelle Offers

Cost-effective Packaging

The cost of packaging can add up over time, so we work to offer packaging at a price point that is fair and accessible. We know how to package your product at the best price for you, and are happy to discuss packaging options to suit your budget. We want to make sure that you make the most out of the opportunities your packaging can offer and hope to do this for you at a reasonable price.

Environmentally Conscious Packaging

Being environmentally conscious is increasingly important. We encourage the consideration of environmentally friendly packaging, such as our Eco-Pack. We also try to use Green Materials where we can, to ensure that we’re doing our bit for the environment. Environmentally friendly packaging can also add value to your business, as it gives insight into the ethics of your business. At Quantrelle we hope to provide properly packaged products that have a better impact on the environment.

Client Liaison for Product Packaging

At Quantrelle, we believe that talking to our clients about their product and their packaging ideas can create the best packaging solution. We care about what is important to you, and so will always do our best to meet your needs. We assist you in looking at various packaging options, and advise you whether you have a solid idea of the packaging your product needs, or if you have no idea where to start. Good packaging should be a priority, and we are here to help you through every step of the packaging process.

We also offer a wide range of packaging types in numerous sizes, so you can be sure find the best packaging for your product with us. Quantrelle provide:

  • Clamshell & Blister Packaging
  • Eco-Pack™
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Sleeve Wrapping
  • Pallet Displays
  • Free Standing Display Units
  • Pop-up Displays
  • Banner Stands
  • Re-Packing
  • Clamshell Packaging Services
  • Clam Packaging
  • Blister Packaging Services
  • Contract Packaging
  • Product Packaging

Expertise in Product Packaging

We design, print, prototype and package for products, using materials such as plastic, cardboard, or eco-friendly options. Having provided packaging for those in various sectors, we understand what is most important to those in different industries. We are confident in providing packaging solutions to those in the following industries:

  • Consumer Goods
  • Cosmetics and Toiletries
  • High Tech
  • Pharmaceutical

Quantrelle creates quality product packaging. We have worked with packaging since 2000 and have continued to maintain our high standards since then. As industry experts, we hold numerous accreditations and can guide you in finding the best packaging for your product and business.

If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.

Quantrelle Clamshell Packaging Services

Quantrelle offer bespoke clamshell packaging services that are both a convenient and cost-effective solution for a wide variety of different products. The clamshell design means that this type of packaging is very adaptable and accommodating for products of a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Our clamshell packaging offers a lot of versatility, so if you are looking for a packaging solution where your product needs to hang from a retail shelf, then you can look at packaging that includes a hanging hole for ease of stocking on a hanging display unit.

Take a look at our clamshell packaging gallery for more of an idea about the type and design of packaging that would best suit your particular product. If you have any questions or queries about our clamshell packaging solutions, feel free to contact us. One of our friendly customer service team members will be pleased to get back to you very quickly to help you with your packaging queries.

What is clamshell and blister packaging?

The term ‘clamshell packaging’ is a descriptive way of labelling this sort of packaging solution because the design kind of resembles a clamshell. There are usually two sides of clear packaging that close together like a clamshell, capturing your product safely inside. Effectively your product is carefully enclosed within a plastic bubble that offers a high level of protection from damage.

The plastic casing is usually clear so that your product can be easily seen on display. You can include a product information card or mount within the packaging for customers to read and to display your company logo and contact information.

Quantrelle offer a range of clamshell and blister packaging that are fantastic for your point of sale packaging needs. The robust and rigid design offers a good level of protection for your product, while acting as the perfect display for your product because the clear packaging keeps your product perfectly visible.

Why choose clamshell packaging for your product?

Clamshell packaging offers the optimum level of resistance to damage sustained through transportation and shipping accidents, reduced risk of theft, and less damage from environmental issues such as water damage from in-store or warehouse sprinkler systems triggered through a fire emergency.

This type of secure packaging offers a high level of impact resistance and rigidity that simple cardboard packaging cannot offer. The clear plastic construction allows your product to be highly visible to your customers to encourage them to see the quality of your product for themselves. Many customers are put off purchasing products because of cardboard packaging that doesn’t allow them to see the product contained inside.

Blister and clamshell packaging is an ideal solution for when you need a high level of security and transparency with your outer casing that closely fit the contours of your products for ease of display. Quantrelle have the right packaging equipment and industry expertise necessary to fulfil your packaging needs.

Versatility and flexibility

We are able to work with you to customise your clamshell packaging so you can add your own branding and printed insert card or attach your sticky information label to the outside of the package as you require.

Basically, choosing our clamshell packaging services will deliver you a very cost-effective way to achieve an eye-catching and pleasing presentation for your product within your point of sale retail display.

Clamshell packaging makes a very convenient product shipping and handling solution to get your product out to your consumers safely and effectively. The versatility offered by our packaging service means that we can work with you to customise your design to best fit your needs. We understand that one size very rarely fits all, so we can offer you our best solution to fit the size and shape of your product.

What makes Quantrelle different

 Quantrelle clamshell packaging services can offer your company a truly unique packaging service and a ‘best-fit’ solution to meet your needs. We can apply our years of experience and the latest innovations in the packaging industry to help meet the needs of each and every customer we deal with.

Talk to our friendly team to find the best clamshell or blister packaging to suit your individual needs. We can offer you a highly flexible packaging service so do not hesitate to discuss your packaging options with us, including:

·         Clamshell & Blister Packaging

·         Eco-Pack

·         Shrink Wrapping

·         Sleeve Wrapping

·         Pallet Displays

·         Free Standing Display Units

·         Pop-up Displays

·         Banner Stands

·         Re-Packaging

You can call on Quantrelle for all of your packaging needs, whether you want to set up a continuous schedule with us, or are looking for one-off packaging runs for special promotional projects or testing out new product ranges. We can also accommodate increased packaging runs to meet your peak demand periods should you sell seasonal products.

Quantrelle have a wide selection of packaging machinery that can cope with high-frequency demand on varying platform sizes. This means we can easily cope with high volume jobs and special projects with limited number runs, depending on your needs.

For your extra security needs, we can also apply security coding if you desire. This can be a very valuable tool, especially when dealing with high value small items that carry a high desirability. Clamshell packaging also allows you to pack multiple items together, which can be useful when you need to vary the contents of your product or want to product a promotional batch that contain an extra free gift with each product.

For more information on our clamshell packaging services, get in touch with us today.

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Clam Packaging for your Product – Open Up to the Idea

Unless you happen to know an awful lot about the packaging industry, most people will have no idea what clamshell packaging actually is. However, most shoppers who have ever purchased an item off a store shelf has probably handled and opened a clamshell packaged item at one time or other.

Let’s look at how using clam packaging can benefit you and your business and why it makes sense to consider this method of packaging to deliver your goods safely into the hands of your consumers.

Firstly, clam packaging is a 2 piece set that is split into two part and welded to form a tight bond or seal around your product.

There are many obvious advantages to clam packaging, including:

•           The packaging is effective, customisable and durable
•           It protects against poor handling and transportation
•           It make it easy to stack your products onto shelves or in displays
•           Aids in product visibility and presentation
•           It’s strong, durable and versatile
•           Even though they are difficult to open sometimes, clam packaging aids in helping to reduce pilferage.
•           The packaging comes in all shapes and sizes

Increased durability from manufacture to shelf

Without the correct protective packaging for your product, you can put your goods at risk of damage during its logistical movement from your manufacturing plant to its arrival on the retail shelves or during transportation from the store to your customer’s home.

Clam packaging for electronic products

Although most end customers don’t think too deeply about product packaging, a lot of thought and design effort goes into what can seem like such a basic and necessary resource.

Electronic products carry a lot of sensitive or delicate elements and components that need protecting from damage during the shipping process. Also, the electronics manufacturer must think about packaging their products in a secure enough way so that shoplifters cannot easily remove the items from their packaging to make it easier for them to steal.

With electronic packaging, one of the most common designs seen is that of clamshell packaging. The reason why this packaging is so popular for electronic goods is the simplicity of the clamshell design. For example, it is easy to package a number of small items together in one clamshell package, so you could package a personal music player with a set of ear-buds and a charging lead.

The clear clam packaging also enables the electronic device to be extremely visible to the customer rather than hidden away in a cardboard box encased in polystyrene. Having high visibility on the retail shelves can help to boost sales too, so this is why clam packaging has always been a very popular choice for electronics manufacturers.

Quantrelle Clamshell Packaging Services

For retailers and Wholesalers such as Morrisons, Costco, Asda and WHSmith that are looking for tough, transparent and highly effective packaging that helps to reduce the risk of damage and deters theft, especially with small and valuable items such as Inkjet supplies for example.

We can offer our clients a selection of different packaging machines that can easily cope with high volume jobs and varying platform sizes on which we can weld the packs.

If the security of your products is high on your agenda, then we can include security coding on the clam packs if so desired. The very tough, transparent clamshell packaging we produce helps greatly to minimise the risk of damage or theft of your valuable goods.

Why not contact us today to discuss your clam packaging needs. We are happy to answer all of your questions and can advise you on the best type of packaging to suit your individual needs.

Should You Use Security Tags on Your Products?

Shoplifting isn’t a new problem – things have been stolen from stores for as long as there have been stores.  Often shop owners would just take the hit and that would be the end of it. Then developments in security tags offered a new option – tagging products and setting up detectors at store entrances to catch the thieves. So should you be adding security tags to your products?

Types of security tags

There are two main categories of security tags that you will see in use in stores around the UK.  The first is RF or RFID tags which use one of two different radio-frequency systems on a label applied to a product.  This label is ‘deactivated’ by the checkout staff when the item is bought but otherwise will sound an alarm if it passes through the detector at the door while still active.

The other is a hard tag which works in a similar way but is attached to the clam packaging or other type of plastic covering.  It can also be attached to things likebottle tops for wine and alcohol.  These hard tags are removed at thecheckout to stop them signalling the detector when the item leaves the store.

RF tags

 Most of the time, customers don’t realise that RF (radio frequency) and RFID (radio frequency identification)tags are in place.  They can be inside a product, on the back or sometimeseven on the actual packaging such as shrink wrap plastic, clamshell packagingor even blister packs.  These are clever types of anti-shoplifting devicesthat send a signal from the tag to the transmitter placed at the door to let itknow that the tag hasn’t been deactivated and the alarm then sounds.

When an item is paid for correctly, the checkout assistant deactivates the RF tag with a special tool and this allows you to walk past the transmitter without it sounding.  It doesn’t always work – we’ve all had an alarm sound because a tag hasn’t been deactivated properly!  But they are largely accurate and a good way to secure products.

RFID tags

 RFID tags are a little more advanced and can be used for more than just an anti-theft device.  That’s because each tag identifies the individual product – these tags are used for things like self-service checkouts or those machines that let you tag your products as you shop and not put them through the checkout.

RFID tags work over shorter distances than RF tags, usually around 10cm.  Some are passive, responding to radio waves from a scanner or transmitter.  Others are active and contain a tiny battery to send and receive signals.

Hard tags

Hard tags are a more visual deterrent than RF or RFID tags because they are bulky and prominent.  You can see them attached to anything from razor blade clam packaging to bottles of whiskey.

Unlike RF tags, they are removed from the product when it is sold with a special device at the checkout.  If the tag isn’t removed, the alarm will sound when the product passes the detector at the door.  Hard tags use a similar system to RF tags.

Benefits of using security tags

The most obvious benefit for a business to using security tags on their products is that it can help reduce theft.  Some businesses using hard tags have seen as much as a 90% decrease in theft when adding them to clam packaging.

The ease of use is another benefit.  Whichever type of tag you use, they are designed to be easy to add to the product and many packaging companies supply packaging ready made to add these tags.  They can be added at manufacturing point or by staff in the store and are easily deactivated.

Equipment is installed at the checkout to remove or deactivate the tags as well as at the entrances to the shop then the system is ready to go.

Buying in bulk, these tags can be an affordable security measure.  When added benefits such as stock control are added, you can get better analytics on what is happening in the store.  Plus there is a clear benefit in reducing the number of thefts which saves the business a lot of money in lost revenue.

Finally, there is the peace of mind for customers and staff in the use of these systems.  Staff can concentrate on helping customers rather than trying to watch out for thieves.  And genuine customers will be happy to see that steps have been taken to protect merchandise and make for a better experience for shoppers.

Getting the right packaging

One of the key elements in using security tags is ensuring that you have the right packaging on the products to incorporate the tags.  Clam packaging is one example where the product is trapped between moulded plastic sheets, allowing customers to see the items inside but protecting them.  These can have RF tags added to the packaging or hard tags attached to them as required.

Blister packs are another easy to secure packaging option.  These can be used for products such as ink cartridges as well as things like medication and tags can also be added to the outer packaging for these items.

A growing sight

 RFID tags, in particular, are a growing sight in different areas of life.  Uses for them include in libraries, in car windscreens for tolls and even in some contactless credit or debit cards.  So the sight of these tags is something we are more likely to see around life in many different ways.

For more information about our clam packaging options, get in touch

How Businesses Can Cut Down on Plastic Waste

Plastic and the amount of waste we generate is a big topic at the moment as businesses realise that their impact on the world is about more than just what they sell or the services they offer.  This has led to a growing urge to cut down on plastic waste such as blister packaging.  But what are the top ways that businesses can do this without impacting what they offer customers?

Do a waste audit

The process should start with a ‘waste audit’, a way to look at the office to see if there are places that waste can be cut.  The business premises is the best place to start, looking at what kind of waste is created and if there are alternatives.  There are lots of examples of steps taken by businesses and local authorities around the UK already:

  • Glasgow city council no longer provide drinking straws in museums, sports centres, schools or other council run buildings
  • Primary schools across the country are doing the same
  • Iceland has committed to eliminating plastic packaging from own brand products
  • Selfridges have stopped selling single use plastic bottles

Look at ways to reduce, reuse and recycle

By highlighting the areas where waste is created, it is then easier to come up with ways to cut it down.  The three things to look for are things that can be reduced, reused or recycled.

One example is the amount of plastic waste that comes from takeaway sandwiches and other quick lunch options.  By having the facilities for staff to store foods then reheat it, the business can help cut back on this waste by promoting staff to bring food from home.  This cuts down on single use plastic rubbish.

Providing staff with reusable mugs and bottles can also cut down the waste from single use cups and plastic bottles from fizzy drinks.  Not only does this help cut down on plastic waste but can also cut down on waste management costs as the amount of rubbish in the bins can be reduced.

Look at packaging options

If your business creates products, then packaging is a big area to consider.  While there are doubtless some products that need Blister packaging or have to have tamper-proof packaging to ensure that no-one can interfere with them.

But there are other packaging options that might work and can be a lot more sustainable. Our Eco-Pack is a perfect example of this.  It can reduce the amount of plastic in each pack by as much as 65% and is made from recycled paper and plastic materials.  The patented design uses a safe to open design that makes it easy to work with and has a strong shelf appeal for customers with plenty of space for branding.

The Eco-Pack also has the same ability to protect the product as other methods of packaging so that items are hard to damage or steal while on the shop floor.  These clam packs are a great alternative to classic clamshell packaging.

Make recycling easy

It is unlikely that we can entirely remove the use of plastic in our lives and businesses.  But by reducing it as much as possible and making it easy to recycle, then this can make a dramatic difference to the environment.  Businesses can take steps in a number of ways from encouraging plastic-conscious behaviours in staff to choose eco-friendly packaging for their products.  These can all do their bit to reduce the plastic problem and ensure that future generations have less impact from our actions to deal with.  And ultimately, we can all aim to be as plastic-free as possible!

Why Use Clamshell Packaging Services to Pack Your Products

The right packaging is a key part of marketing and selling your products.  Not only does it protect the item and reduce the risk of theft, but it also markets the brand and ensures you can tell customers the information they need.  But why would you use Clamshell packaging services?

What is clamshell packaging?

Clamshell packaging is a clever type of packaging that encases the item in clear plastic that is tough and protects the items inside.  You can also pack a number of items together inside the packaging if they are sold together.

It is easy to include cards or information in the clamshell packaging to tell people more about the product such as how to use it or what it contains.  And the clamshell packaging is tamper-proof once sealed plus security tags can easily be added to reduce the risk of theft.

Outsourcing packaging

If clamshell packaging is the ideal solution for your business it doesn’t mean you need to invest in all the equipment and employ staff to create it.  That’s because you can outsource the service to a specialist company who can handle it for you.

This means you don’t need to have any clamshell packaging equipment on the premises.  You prepare your items and then send them to the packaging company who follow the process you have laid out with them to package the items.  This includes any marketing materials and paperwork needed and security measures that are added.

Another benefit is that you can have more than one type of packaging for your products by working with a specialist.  If you need to use blister packaging for some of your products, then a specialist offering different types of packaging can handle all of this in house by the one company.

Click to see more discussions on our clamshell packaging services.

When is Clamshell Packaging the Right Option?

When you have a product, packaging it is very important.  Not only does it help with branding and offer information that customers need but it is also a safety and security issue for many items.  You want to be certain people can’t interfere with the products and that security tags can be added.  There are various types of packaging available so how do you know if clamshell packaging is the right choice?

What is clamshell packaging?

It is a style of packaging where the top of the pack is hinged and allows it to open while remaining connected – like a clam shell.  This kind of packaging normally includes a hanger tab to allow items to be easily displayed and sometimes other options such as a flat base, so they can free stand.

Clamshell packaging is tamper resistant and offers great protection for the product while also allowing people to easily see what the item is.  Clamshell packages are created to be a tight fit around the item so there’s no wasted space or room for it to move around.  And the clamshell packaging is created as a single piece construction so there’s no assembly required.

When is clamshell packaging the best option?

There are lots of uses for clamshell packaging but some of the most common include for food, smartphones, electronics, ink cartridges and more.  Often this is used for higher value items because security tags can easily be added and not easily removed to deter theft.

It is also more expensive than blister packs, so this is why it tends to be found on higher value items.  Both the need to protect the products and also for customers to easily see the contents makes the investment in stronger, tamper-proof clamshell packaging more worthwhile.

The clamshell packaging can also easily include instructions or information that customers need and have branding, and product information displayed on it.  This makes it easy to brand an item and to offer valuable information to help with sales without any extra marketing around it.

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What Type of Packaging Should Your Product Have?

When you are designing a new product, one of the important things to consider is how to package it.  Depending on what the item is, there are packaging options that can protect it, make it easier to secure and also easier for customers to use. We offer a wide range of packaging services that can help suite your needs. Here’s our handy guide to the basics of product packaging and a list of our packaging services to help pick the right option.

The blister pack

The blister pack is a familiar sight around homes as many different types of products come packaged in some variety of blister packs.  Tablets and pills are two examples where blister packs are the most common option, allowing people to push the product out of the packaging easily but also ensuring that it is unopened when received – it is easy to see if it has been tampered with.

There are companies that offer blister packaging services so you don’t need to worry about having to start buying equipment to package these yourself.  You can also easily brand the packaging or the boxes that the blister packs are contained in as well as adding instructions for users.

Clamshell packaging

Clamshell packing is another easy to use system that is very effective for protecting items.  It is often seen on electrical goods such as mobile phones as well as ink cartridges and other products that are prone to theft.  The clamshell packaging is clear, so people can see what is inside and also can be branded or have instructions added.

Like blister packs, companies offer services to create clamshell packaging.  They are made as a single unit that closes around the product and keeps it safe and secure.  It is also easy to add security tags to the clamshell packs, hanging tabs to display them or to have them able to free stand.

Shrink wrap packaging

Shrink wrap packaging is a polymer plastic film that is wrapped around a product and subjected to heat.  This causes it to shrink around the product, keeping it in place and ensuring it is protected.  Many food and health products are packaged in larger numbers in this kind of shrink wrap packaging to allow transport to retailers.

When looking at a producer of this kind of plastic, consider what you want to have packaged.  For example, if you are producing food products, you want to ensure the packaging is a multilayer system that is suitable for food.  Also look for shrink wrap that is clear, so it is easy to see what is inside.

Sleeve wrapping

Sleeve wrapping is similar to shrink wrapping but works on a specific pack, rather than a group of them.  You can either wholly or partially enclose the product in the wrap and it can be plain or have up to four different colours added to it for branding purposes.  It can enhance the appearance of a plain bottle or container as well as include information about its use.

Tamper evident packaging

Tamper evident packaging tends to be used on shipping containers, wholesale goods and items where there is a risk of consequences if the item is tampered with.  Some medications come in tamper proof packaging such as plastic bottles with seals.  You can also see this kind of packaging on some electrical items to ensure that no-one has opened them before you do.

Pallet displays

As well as packaging the item, you may also want to consider packaging the pallets on which they are delivered.  Shops often have branded and attractive pallets standing in the shop, offering a simple and eye-catching way to market the product.  By working with a  company that offers this service, your items have a better chance of getting a high traffic spot as it makes it simple for retailers to display them.