Quantrelle Clamshell Packaging Services

Quantrelle offer bespoke clamshell packaging services that are both a convenient and cost-effective solution for a wide variety of different products. The clamshell design means that this type of packaging is very adaptable and accommodating for products of a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Our clamshell packaging offers a lot of versatility, so if you are looking for a packaging solution where your product needs to hang from a retail shelf, then you can look at packaging that includes a hanging hole for ease of stocking on a hanging display unit.

Take a look at our clamshell packaging gallery for more of an idea about the type and design of packaging that would best suit your particular product. If you have any questions or queries about our clamshell packaging solutions, feel free to contact us. One of our friendly customer service team members will be pleased to get back to you very quickly to help you with your packaging queries.

What is clamshell and blister packaging?

The term ‘clamshell packaging’ is a descriptive way of labelling this sort of packaging solution because the design kind of resembles a clamshell. There are usually two sides of clear packaging that close together like a clamshell, capturing your product safely inside. Effectively your product is carefully enclosed within a plastic bubble that offers a high level of protection from damage.

The plastic casing is usually clear so that your product can be easily seen on display. You can include a product information card or mount within the packaging for customers to read and to display your company logo and contact information.

Quantrelle offer a range of clamshell and blister packaging that are fantastic for your point of sale packaging needs. The robust and rigid design offers a good level of protection for your product, while acting as the perfect display for your product because the clear packaging keeps your product perfectly visible.

Why choose clamshell packaging for your product?

Clamshell packaging offers the optimum level of resistance to damage sustained through transportation and shipping accidents, reduced risk of theft, and less damage from environmental issues such as water damage from in-store or warehouse sprinkler systems triggered through a fire emergency.

This type of secure packaging offers a high level of impact resistance and rigidity that simple cardboard packaging cannot offer. The clear plastic construction allows your product to be highly visible to your customers to encourage them to see the quality of your product for themselves. Many customers are put off purchasing products because of cardboard packaging that doesn’t allow them to see the product contained inside.

Blister and clamshell packaging is an ideal solution for when you need a high level of security and transparency with your outer casing that closely fit the contours of your products for ease of display. Quantrelle have the right packaging equipment and industry expertise necessary to fulfil your packaging needs.

Versatility and flexibility

We are able to work with you to customise your clamshell packaging so you can add your own branding and printed insert card or attach your sticky information label to the outside of the package as you require.

Basically, choosing our clamshell packaging services will deliver you a very cost-effective way to achieve an eye-catching and pleasing presentation for your product within your point of sale retail display.

Clamshell packaging makes a very convenient product shipping and handling solution to get your product out to your consumers safely and effectively. The versatility offered by our packaging service means that we can work with you to customise your design to best fit your needs. We understand that one size very rarely fits all, so we can offer you our best solution to fit the size and shape of your product.

What makes Quantrelle different

 Quantrelle clamshell packaging services can offer your company a truly unique packaging service and a ‘best-fit’ solution to meet your needs. We can apply our years of experience and the latest innovations in the packaging industry to help meet the needs of each and every customer we deal with.

Talk to our friendly team to find the best clamshell or blister packaging to suit your individual needs. We can offer you a highly flexible packaging service so do not hesitate to discuss your packaging options with us, including:

·         Clamshell & Blister Packaging

·         Eco-Pack

·         Shrink Wrapping

·         Sleeve Wrapping

·         Pallet Displays

·         Free Standing Display Units

·         Pop-up Displays

·         Banner Stands

·         Re-Packaging

You can call on Quantrelle for all of your packaging needs, whether you want to set up a continuous schedule with us, or are looking for one-off packaging runs for special promotional projects or testing out new product ranges. We can also accommodate increased packaging runs to meet your peak demand periods should you sell seasonal products.

Quantrelle have a wide selection of packaging machinery that can cope with high-frequency demand on varying platform sizes. This means we can easily cope with high volume jobs and special projects with limited number runs, depending on your needs.

For your extra security needs, we can also apply security coding if you desire. This can be a very valuable tool, especially when dealing with high value small items that carry a high desirability. Clamshell packaging also allows you to pack multiple items together, which can be useful when you need to vary the contents of your product or want to product a promotional batch that contain an extra free gift with each product.

For more information on our clamshell packaging services, get in touch with us today.

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Clamshell Packaging Services

At Quantrelle, we offer a range of different packaging options, our clamshell packaging services being one of them. We specialise in the wholesale and retail sector with many years working with some large global brands. You may believe you’ve never come across clamshell packaging services, but it is an extremely common method of packaging and it is seen across a variety of different products and sectors. Some products it can be used for are children’s toys and games, computer accessories, tools, food products and the list goes on…

What Are Clamshell Packaging Services

Clamshell may sound like a strange name for a method of packaging, but it does exactly what it says on the tin. It can involve the product being trapped between two sheets of moulded plastic and welded at a high frequency or it can be the plastic trapped in between a folded card. Our clamshell packaging services also ensure that products are encased in a tough transparent material so the risk of damage or theft is minimised, especially with small items that may be of high value. To further reduce the risk of theft, our clam packs can be security coded, so you can make sure your product is extra secure.

Clamshell packaging services also can save large space for transport and for a point of sale as the packaging can fit perfectly around the product without wasting extra space. It has also achieved huge savings in shrinkage.

This method of packaging is also very useful as it allows multiple items to be packed together. This can suit both supplier and consumer as it is an easy way for the supplier to adjust the content to suit consumers needs and therefore ending up with happy customers.

Clamshell packaging services also offer the use of a backing card, which will be covered using the material chosen. This can be a way to grab consumers attention and promote the product in the best way possible. A range of colours and text can be used and the product can still easily sit on a shelf, hook or in a tray.

How Is Clamshell Packaging Made?

The method of clamshell packaging sees the chosen material being thermoformed or injection moulded to create the shape that is desired for the particular product. Another piece of material is then used for the top and bottom of the packaging with a hinge that is integrated within the material. When it comes to closing the packaging, clamshell can have a range of means for sealing. Self-locking tabs, snaps, or friction fit methods of closing can be used dependant on the preference of the supplier. Sometimes, adhesive, tape, labels and staples are used as a method of sealing the packaging. Some packages can also be heat sealed, but this can sometimes cause frustration for the consumer as it may result in them struggling to open the packaging and resorting to using scissors or a knife.

At Quantrelle, we offer a range of different methods of packing, our clamshell packaging services being just one of those. Other services we offer include:

For more information about our clamshell packaging services or the other services we have to offer, visit our website or don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or queries you may have. The main sectors we supply to are consumer goods, cosmetics and toiletries, high tech and pharmaceutical. You can also read about the green materials we use here.

Retailers Moving towards Greener Packaging

By Stephanie Clifford,

The Pyranna, the Jokari Deluxe, the Insta Slit, the ZipIt and the OpenIt apply blades and batteries to what should be a simple task: opening a retail package.

But the maddening — and nearly impenetrable — plastic packaging known as clamshells could become a welcome casualty of the difficult economy. High oil prices have manufacturers and big retailers reconsidering the use of so much plastic, and some are aggressively looking for cheaper substitutes.

“With the instability in petroleum-based materials, people said we need an alternative to the clamshell,” said Jeff Kellogg, vice president for consumer electronics and security packaging at the packaging company MeadWestvaco.

Companies are scuttling plastic of all kinds wherever they can.

Target has removed the plastic lids from its Archer Farms yogurts, has redesigned packages for some light bulbs to eliminate plastic, and is selling socks held together by paper bands rather than in plastic bags.

Wal-Mart Stores, which has pledged to reduce its packaging by 5 percent between 2008 and 2013, has pushed suppliers to concentrate laundry detergent so it can be sold in smaller containers, and has made round hydrogen peroxide bottles into square ones to cut down on plastic use.

At Home Depot, Husky tools are going from clamshell to paperboard packaging, and EcoSmart LED bulbs are about to be sold in a corrugated box, rather than a larger plastic case.

“Most of our manufacturers have been working on this,” said Craig Menear, the head of merchandising at Home Depot. “We’ve certainly been encouraging them.”

Shoppers have long complained that clamshells are a literal pain, and environmentalists have denounced them as wasteful. To save money and address complaints, retailers and manufacturers started minimizing packaging in the e-commerce sphere a few years ago. Amazon, for example, introduced a “frustration-free packaging” initiative in 2008 intended to defuse wrap rage and be more eco-friendly. Other retailers have also been looking for ways to improve the customer’s unpacking experience.

“As a guy in packaging, I get all the questions — there’s nothing worse than going to a cocktail party where someone’s asking why they can’t get into their stuff,” said Ronald Sasine, the senior director for packaging procurement at Wal-Mart. “I’ve heard over the years, ‘How come I need a knife to get into my knife?’ ‘How come I need a pair of scissors to get into my kid’s birthday present?’ ”

To see the full article from NYTimes, click here.

Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell Packaging Services

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Clamshell Packaging Services: We use a Circular motion Rotary System to weld our card clams, blister packs, and clam pack. On certain sizes we can weld up to 650 clams per hour depending on complexity, we choose this particular machine due to low-cost tooling and setup, we apply a High-Frequency weld to the pack in order to seal.