What Are Blister Packs?

There are so many different methods when it comes to packaging. One very popular method of packaging in the retail industry are blister packs. Blister packaging is probably the method of packaging you will most commonly see around, batteries, children’s toys and medication are a few examples of products that are often packaged in blister packs.

Blister packs secure a product in between a cardboard backing and clear, thermoformed plastic. It is a very popular packaging method because it offers the opportunity to examine the product through the clear plastic as well as promote the product with eye-catching graphics and wording on the cardboard. Blister packs also make it easier for consumers to get into the packaging as a special adhesive is used to stick the thermoformed plastic to the cardboard backing, and this can easily be pulled off, whereas other method of packaging such as clamshell can cause a little bit of a struggle as it is held to another piece of plastic enhancing strength. Blister packs also have a hole in the top of the cardboard so it is easier to hang from a peg and therefore can be shown on complete display in a shop.

Blister packs are a relatively cost effective method of packaging and also very practical for smaller products. They are also very easily customised for your needs and the cardboard can display your own chosen design for promotion. Bright colours can be used to easily draw attention and also the small, individual compartments ensures the product doesn’t move too much and therefore offering more security and protection for the product when in transit.

For more information on blister packs and what they can be used for visit our blister and clamshell packaging page or contact us. You can also browse the rest of our website to view the other methods of packaging we can offer.

Top Benefits of Using Professional Contract Packaging

At Quantrelle, we understand that to a customer the overall aesthetics of what they choose to buy is just as important as the product itself. How a product is packaged is far more important today than it has ever been. In fact, product packaging has now become a major factor in the products marketing strategy. This is why contract packaging has become so popular and not just with larger corporations, but with smaller businesses too.

Professional contract packaging companies, such as Quantrelle, specialise in creating bespoke packaging services that can cater to the needs of the individual business.

Regular contract packaging companies will usually only specialise in one sector or marketplace, but we at Quantrelle offer our highly-customised packaging solutions across many different sectors, including consumer goods, cosmetics and toiletries, high tech and pharmaceutical industries.

But what are the benefits of using a professional contract packaging company such as us? Well, there are more benefits than you might think! For example:

  •  Greater profits for you : Since Quantrelle provide everything you need with regards to production facilities, staff, source materials, maintenance etc. you do not have to purchase and run your own packaging operation. You can not only save time and money, but invest those savings back in to the growth of your own business.
  • Packaging testing : By choosing to use contract packaging, you get the flexibility to try out and test different packaging options. This gives you the opportunity to refine and perfect your product image and get the right product out to your customers.
  • Better efficiency : Using a dedicated contract packaging company will help to increase your rate of output. You can consult with us right from the beginning of your product development so that we can use our experience and expertise to help and advise you. This enables you to get the right packaging in place from day one, therefore reducing lead-time.

There are many more benefits than those we have listed here, for example, it may be difficult for a company to come up with or invest in sustainable resources. Contract packaging can provide you with sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions without being overly costly to your company. Take a look at our Eco-Pack and our Green Materials sections for more information.

For more information about Quantrelle as a contract packaging company, visit the rest of our website or get in touch.