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Clamshell & Blister Packaging

Clamshell Packaging or blister packaging involves the product being trapped between two sheets of moulded plastic which are high-frequency welded. We have a selection of machines to cope with high volume jobs and varying platform sizes on which we can weld the packs.

Products are encased in tough transparent packaging that minimizes the risk of damage or theft, especially with high value small items. Clam packs can be security coded if desired. The Clamshell Package has achieved huge savings in shrinkage.

The Clam Pack allows multiple items to be packed together allowing the supplier to vary the content to suit the customer. The Backing Card is a powerful device for grabbing attention and displaying product benefits. It has the ability to sit on a shelf, in a tray or on a Euro-Hook in store.

The Blister Package is particularly popular with Inkjet suppliers that are looking for a low cost form of securely their expensive items for stores such as Staples, WHSmith, and Asda.