Coca-Cola Leans Towards Eco-Friendly Bottles

By Lara O’Reilly,

Coca-Cola is rolling out new packaging for its 500ml drinks range as part of its ambition to make all of its bottles from plant-based materials and recycled plastic by 2020.

The new PlantBottle packaging is made from up to 22.5% renewable plant-based “PET” materials and up to 25% recycled plastic. Coca-Cola claims the bottles are more environmentally friendly than their previous versions because they will reduce the company’s dependency on fossil fuels.

The bottles, which are rolling out today across the Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero range, will be identified with a PlantBottle logo and on-pack messaging.

The launch of the new range will be supported by print ads and advertorials across national and regional media.

Eco-designer Wayne Hemingway has also designed an umbrella, made from five plastic bottles, to support the new packaging rollout. The umbrella can be bought from Harvey Nichols from today (12 September) at an offer price of £10 when they buy a drink from the PlantBottle range.

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Eco-Friendly Packaging Is Commercially Beneficial

By Marcus Hill,

Developing an ethical supply chain that includes sustainable packaging can bring about far-reaching business benefits. Environmental responsibility is not at odds with profitability; in fact, it can help you to build your brand, win new contracts and safeguard the business’ reputation.

Whilst the majority of food and catering businesses agree that eco packaging is a ‘nice to have’, some believe that the cost is going to be prohibitive. But environmentally friendly packaging has become significantly more affordable in recent years – ‘eco’ is no longer shorthand for ‘expensive’. The economies of scale mean that companies like London Bio Packaging are able to offer increasingly competitive prices, owing to greater demand. We are also continuing to develop new methods and materials to lower the cost of recycled and compostable packaging.

It’s not all about product cost, however –switching to recycled and compostable packaging can add real value to your business and actually make you money. In order to assess the true impact and ROI of bringing sustainability into your business, it’s necessary to look at the bigger picture.

Today’s consumers and businesses are demanding more of the companies that they spend money with. Businesses are no longer judged solely on the quality of their products and services; supply chains and corporate ethics are increasingly influencing purchasing behaviour.  And the company that you keep is just as important as the way you behave – put simply, if your suppliers are unethical, then, by association, so are you.

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