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The Eco-Pack™ has specially developed by Quantrelle to meet the demands of a greener future and customer concerns over environmental protection.

Just as strong and resilient as traditional Clam Packaging, the Eco-Pack™ is made up of 65% less plastic.

The product is encased in recycled transparent APET plastic, and held in place by two sheets of recycled cardboard, high-frequency welded together, using no glue.

The two-sided cardboard backing cards offer a great amount of space for branding, and their size and patented method of sealing contributes to minimalizing theft.

The Eco-Pack™ enables multiple products to be securely packed together, allowing the supplier to vary the contents to suit the needs of the customer, increasing the perception of value for money, and driving increased sales.

The Eco-Pack™ is particularly popular with cosmetic and electronic products, where suppliers seek a cost-effective method to protect their high-value products from theft, and seize advantage of the superior branding space, to differentiate their product from the in-store competition.