How to Choose a Supplier for Clamshell Packaging Services

When it comes to packaging your products, there are lots of different options that can be considered.  With products that need to have a backing card, for example, then clamshell packaging can be an ideal option – it pins the item to the backing card with special protective plastic.  If this is the right option for your product, how do you then choose a company offering clamshell packaging services?

Considerations when choosing a company

There are a few main considerations when you are looking for a clamshell packaging company.  For starters, you want to think about volume – how much do you need and how often?  Do you want a stock product that they already have available or do you need a custom product to exactly match what you sell?  And are there any industry-specific considerations such as being in the food or medicines industry?

Once you have an idea about these, you can start looking at the companies available.  See what types of packaging is available – if they do other options such as blister packs, you could save money by buying in bulk.  Do they have connections with printing companies that can help make the whole process quicker?

Information to find out

Ordering any type of packaging can be simple but there are a couple of things to know.  For example, does the company you are considering have a minimum order requirement and does this figure work for you?  It may be just 20-50 units but if it is a bigger number and this is more than you need, you may want to consider other options.

Also look at turnaround time.  If you order a minimum order how long will it take them to get it to you?  How much longer is it if you order double the amount?  You want to be able to factor in time to get the packaging and get the items to the shop or stockist when working out order times.

There are lots of questions and things to consider, but we may well have the perfect solution and answers to these. Please do get in touch with us so as we can discuss and review your requirements in more detail.

How to Ensure Medication is Taken Correctly Using Blister Packs

Taking regular medication is something that a huge percentage of the population has to do.  As we get older, keeping track of the growing number of tablets to take can be a complex process.  There is a huge potential for things to be taken incorrectly if they are not packaged in a simple and clear way.  This is where blister pack companies can help to ensure medication is taken correctly.

Easy to use packs

Many types of medication come in blister packs – they are cost effective for the manufacturer and easy to use for the consumer.  Blister packs have sealed compartments and these can easily be labelled with when the tablet is meant to be taken.  For example, a blister pack could hold a morning, noon, evening and bedtime row for each day of the week. This would mean that someone would simply have to know what day it was and what time to know which tablets to take.

Another reason why blister packs are ideal is that it is easy to see when tablets have been missed.  Knowing this information can be crucial if someone is unwell and by looking for unused sections of the blister pack, medical professionals can quickly see where the problem is

Making the most of blister packs

For practitioners, it is important that blister packs are correctly labelled and that medication descriptions should be on the card packaging accompanying the blister pack.  People should be made aware of what is taken when and also what to do if medication is missed – leaflets can also be included to reconfirm this.

Some pharmacies and practices are now including automatic reminders when a prescription is due for vulnerable patients who have problems remembering to order their medication. When this is ordered, make sure the blister pack is accurate and labelled correctly before letting it go to the patient.

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