Blister Packaging vs Clamshell Packaging

Both blister packaging and clamshell packaging are very popular methods of packaging, most commonly, retail products. Many people believe them to be the same thing, but in fact the only thing they have in common is that they are both created using thermoforming. You will see both blister packaging and clamshell packaging all around you in stores, but do you know the difference?

Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is most commonly used for small consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and food, you will also see it used for things such as batteries. The main difference between clamshell and blister packaging is that blister packaging doesn’t have a hinge like clamshells do. It can be made from the same plastic as clamshell using the same method, thermoforming but the plastic does not cover the whole product. Most commonly, the material of the blister packaging is attached to a cardboard backing with the blister mould holding the product in place on top of the cardboard. This method also provides an easy way for the consumers to open the product by just pulling the plastic back from the cardboard. This is a great way to showcase products and bring attention to them using the cardboard as a promotional tool. The plastic attaches to the card via a strong adhesive.

Clamshell Packaging

This method uses a blister sandwiched in between 2 cards that is sealed using a welding machine, it is useful for shorter runs and allows the customer to stand the item in store or hang it on a euroslot. Clamshells were commonly produced as PVC 2 part packages however now there is a desire to have a more environmentally friendly version that incorporates R-Pet plastic and Card that uses oil based inks. These packs are both better for presentation purposes, better for the customer and also a more environmentally sustainable solution.

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Clamshell Packaging Services

At Quantrelle, we offer a range of different packaging options, our clamshell packaging services being one of them. We specialise in the wholesale and retail sector with many years working with some large global brands. You may believe you’ve never come across clamshell packaging services, but it is an extremely common method of packaging and it is seen across a variety of different products and sectors. Some products it can be used for are children’s toys and games, computer accessories, tools, food products and the list goes on…

What Are Clamshell Packaging Services

Clamshell may sound like a strange name for a method of packaging, but it does exactly what it says on the tin. It can involve the product being trapped between two sheets of moulded plastic and welded at a high frequency or it can be the plastic trapped in between a folded card. Our clamshell packaging services also ensure that products are encased in a tough transparent material so the risk of damage or theft is minimised, especially with small items that may be of high value. To further reduce the risk of theft, our clam packs can be security coded, so you can make sure your product is extra secure.

Clamshell packaging services also can save large space for transport and for a point of sale as the packaging can fit perfectly around the product without wasting extra space. It has also achieved huge savings in shrinkage.

This method of packaging is also very useful as it allows multiple items to be packed together. This can suit both supplier and consumer as it is an easy way for the supplier to adjust the content to suit consumers needs and therefore ending up with happy customers.

Clamshell packaging services also offer the use of a backing card, which will be covered using the material chosen. This can be a way to grab consumers attention and promote the product in the best way possible. A range of colours and text can be used and the product can still easily sit on a shelf, hook or in a tray.

How Is Clamshell Packaging Made?

The method of clamshell packaging sees the chosen material being thermoformed or injection moulded to create the shape that is desired for the particular product. Another piece of material is then used for the top and bottom of the packaging with a hinge that is integrated within the material. When it comes to closing the packaging, clamshell can have a range of means for sealing. Self-locking tabs, snaps, or friction fit methods of closing can be used dependant on the preference of the supplier. Sometimes, adhesive, tape, labels and staples are used as a method of sealing the packaging. Some packages can also be heat sealed, but this can sometimes cause frustration for the consumer as it may result in them struggling to open the packaging and resorting to using scissors or a knife.

At Quantrelle, we offer a range of different methods of packing, our clamshell packaging services being just one of those. Other services we offer include:

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