Quantrelle’s Plastic Packaging

What plastic packaging options do Quantrelle offer?

Quantrelle offers a wide variety of packaging options, and numerous types of plastic packaging options.

These include:

With our range of plastic packaging solutions, we know we’ll find a suitable option for you.

What industries can use plastic packaging?

Plastic packaging can be used in the following industries, as well as many others:

Plastic packaging is a great option for all of these industries, as the packaging can come in various shapes, sizes and even colours. So whether you’re looking to package toys, medicines, make up, or electrical chargers, we can find the right plastic packaging for you. Whatever the product is, there is most likely a type of plastic packaging that is a good fit. Solids can obviously be packed in plastic packaging, but liquids, semi-solids, and even powders can also benefit from the use of plastic packaging.

What plastics are used in Quantrelle’s plastic packaging?

There are many types of plastics available but only some are commonly used for plastic packaging. We have found that while some plastics work well for some types of packaging, other types of plastic are more suited to other types of packaging. This is because every type of plastic has a different set of properties. However, we choose to use A-Pet or R-Pet materials, unless otherwise stated on our product descriptions. These two materials can be adapted to create the best type of plastic packaging for your product’s needs.

Shrink Wrapping plastic packaging options

What are the benefits of using plastic packaging?

Plastic packaging provides many benefits that other forms of packaging don’t provide.

For one, plastic packaging is highly adaptable, as various types of packaging can be created using the material.

We also use plastic packaging because:

Plastic packaging is durable

  • The safety and security provided by plastic packaging means that whatever product is, it is likely to be kept in tact. Depending on the type of plastic packaging, the plastic can also be difficult to tamper with and break through. This gives businesses the assurance that their product will reach retail shelves and a  customer’s hands in good condition.

Plastic packaging is lightweight

  • Lightweight packaging is especially beneficial for businesses that want to transport their products around the country or internationally. This is because companies can keep their costs down by having such a lightweight packaging solution. Being a light material, plastic packaging also uses less energy than heavier alternatives, as less fuel is used when transporting.

Plastic packaging offers design versatility

  • Having packaging that offers increased creative freedom is an undeniable benefit to many businesses. The versatility offered by plastic packaging means that the packaging can suit products of all different sizes. If a product is of a particularly unique shape, plastic packaging can still work well (such as with our shrink wrapping plastic packaging). The same cannot always be said for other materials.

Why use Quantrelle’s plastic packaging?

Not only do Quantrelle offer plastic packaging that is secure, sturdy, and sure to keep your product safe, our company also operates to extremely high standards. This means that when you receive a service from Quantrelle, you can trust that you’re getting great value for money. All of our plastic packaging options are designed with the customer in mind, and we work to fulfill the requirements that you have. Although we don’t think you’ll run into any problems when using the plastic packaging offered by us, our experienced team is always ready to help if you do.

Do you offer bespoke plastic packaging?

Yes! If you’re interested in a certain type of plastic packaging, Quantrelle can work with you to find your best plastic packaging solution. We understand that each product will have different requirements, which is why we try and provide plastic packaging options that are well suited for your specifications.

Isn’t plastic packaging bad for the environment?

Every material that can be used for packaging will have its own pros and cons. Quantrelle is very aware of the environmental impact we create, which is why we take steps to do better by the environment. We love that our customers care about being eco-conscious, and we do our best to show we care, too. Whilst still being plastic packaging, options like our Eco-Pack have the advantage of using 65% less plastic. We present this as a choice for our customers to use, and encourage them to consider their own environmental impact.

Unfortunately, there are some instances where using plastic packaging is pretty much unavoidable. This is because plastic packaging can provide the sturdiness and security that some other packaging options simply don’t provide.

How can I use Quantrelle’s plastic packaging?

If you’re looking for plastic packaging, make Quantrelle your go-to. Quantrelle offers high quality plastic packaging that you and your customers are sure to love. If you’re interested in the plastic packaging offered by Quantrelle, we encourage you to get in touch today. We have worked with many businesses to supply them with plastic packaging that uniquely suits their needs.

If you’re considering Quantrelle’s plastic packaging, email us at sales@quantrelle.com or give us a call on + 44 (0) 208 804 3222. Alternatively, you can contact us through our online form here. A friendly member of the Quantrelle team would be happy to speak with you.