Clam Packs by Quantrelle

What are Clam Packs?

Clam packs resembles a clam, in that the packaging is formed by two main parts which are hinged together. Opening the clam pack allows access to the product inside of it, and often the pack can be resealed or reusable. With a clam pack, a product is placed between the two tight plastic moulds, which are typically transparent. This type of packaging has become commonplace, and it is likely that at one time or another you have purchased an item which uses a clam pack.

Clam Pack Creation

Quantrelle uses a circular motion rotary system to create clam packs. We are able to seal a clam pack by using a high-frequency weld, which then keeps a product secure. We work as efficiently as possible, and with our rotary system we can weld up to 650 clam packs an hour (depending on clam pack complexity and size).

Clam Pack Uses

The clam pack can be used to protect and package a number of different products, ranging from electronics to cosmetics. Even items which may traditionally use other types of packaging may benefit from switching to clam packaging. This is because clam packs can be both custom moulded (such as for hardware tools or toys) or used to hold lots of small pieces together (such as for paper clips or screws).

Clam Pack Benefits

1.Security of a Clam Pack

A clam pack is a sure way to keep your product safe. Clam packs are traditionally known for keeping products protected, meaning that you don’t have to worry about damage to your product, or the possibility of it separating from its packaging. Any packaging solution should keep a product safe, and Quantrelle’s clam pack certainly does this. Consumers also have the advantage of being able to look at a product without actually touching or damaging the contents inside of a clam pack.

Clam packs are also useful when considering additional security measures, such as hard tags. Hard tags attach to a clam pack and act as a visual deterrent from theft. Although the tag can be easily applied to a clam pack, it requires removal by a shop assistant at checkout. If the tag is not removed, it will cause the shop’s alarm system to sound

2. Quantrelle’s Eco-Pack Clam Pack

We should all be seeking to become more environmentally conscious, and fortunately our Eco-Pack clam pack helps with this. With an increasing awareness surrounding plastic pollution, manufacturers and businesses are being forced to think of more sustainable ways to package products. Quantrelle’s Eco-Pack is a great alternative packaging solution. This special type of clam pack reduces the amount of plastic used in packaging by up to 65% (when compared to a plastic clam pack of equivalent size). Quantrelle acknowledges the move to greener solutions and we fully support our customers in considering the Eco-Pack clam pack.

3. Branding and Use of Space with a Clam Pack

The clam pack provides ample space for marketing messages and opportunities to increase brand awareness. Although a clam pack allows consumers to clearly see a product, the packaging can also be adapted to create a different visual display. This can be done with the help of an insert card that acts as an attractive and informative addition to a clam pack. At the same time, the clam pack is a good option for those who want to efficiently use space and not create too much waste with extra unnecessary material. This is because a clam pack is created by effectively sealing a product in by a plastic mould. The mould can fit to the size of your product, so you don’t have to use more packaging than needed.

4. Versatility of Clam Packs

Deciding to use a clam pack is a great option for those looking for a highly versatile packaging solution. Clam packs can vary in size, meaning that the packaging type is not restricted to only particularly large or particularly small items. The clam pack can suit a number of different products, and Quantrelle is also confident in creating bespoke clam packs for companies. Furthermore, a clam pack offers different storage solutions. The pack is effective whether you would like to stack a product on a shelf, or have it hanging on a peg. For the latter, a hanging hole can be designed in the packaging, where the puncture will allow the packaging to hang with ease whilst still remaining sturdy.

Choosing Quantrelle Clam Packs

Quantrelle have been creating clam packs for many years, so we know the variety of different products that may benefit from a clam pack. This allows us to easily find the right clam pack solution for you. As the packaging can be created to suit a variety of specifications, a clam pack could be the perfect packaging that you might not have even considered before. Quantrelle is consistently creating innovative packaging solutions, such as with our Eco-Pack in response to environmental concern. Examples such as this, demonstrates Quantrelle’s commitment to creating the best clam packs possible. Our company always work to produce quality clam packs and other packaging services.

If you’re convinced that a clam pack is for you, contact Quantrelle today. We’d love to hear from you.